The absolute necessary items when working out



Now this is a popular topic as most of us struggle when knowing what to pack with us to the gym.


I have personally gone through times when it takes me forever (over 20 minutes) to make my gym bag. It seems that time some of us (including myself) spend too much time thinking “Do I need to bring this, and that..”.


If you have a fixed routine then great! But for those of us who sometimes shower at the gym, or a home/work then the whole logistics thing can become quite tricky. At the same time, you don’t want to play it safe and bring your whole wardrobe with you, especially if you are going to work after as this will be too heavy and just not practical.


First tip for you is to try scheduling a routine. Try showering at the gym for a week, if it works good, if not then try the same at home or at work until you find the best one and stick with that.


The aim here is not to be inflexible but to get rid of all the guess work of not knowing where you will be showering yourself the next day. That should get rid of the anxiety of not knowing if you packed your deodorant the night before.


Once you have been able to secure a fixed time schedule for the gym, you want to travel as light as possible. Here are the essentials you will need:



Your sneakers


Try getting a light pair of sneakers. The barefoot Nike series do well for this as they don’t take up too much space and you can easily throw them in anywhere.


To be honest, these are not a must but since most gyms won’t let you in without them, bring them anyway.


Your headphones


I would personally invest in a good quality set of headphones. Think of the gym as a battlefield for your headphones. You will be moving abruptly, sweating on them, probably throwing them as if they were kettle bells.


Some of my favorite headphones are the Jaybird sports band. These seem to tick all the boxes when it comes to headphones for working out and are only $99 bucks.




A quality supplement or protein shake


Last but not least are is a quality post workout supplement. Why not just take it at home or at the office?


You want to maximize your chances of success, so by having it with you, this will ensure you take it every single session after a workout. No excuses.


You might be thinking now, but my house is just a 10-minute walk from the gym. Well, you never know if there will be traffic, or you might bump into someone at the gym and have a half an hour conversation and then realize it is too late by then. What do you do in unexpected situations? You don’t want to tell that person that you need to go home just so you can take a pill or a shake, that would be too awkward and would make you look like you are OCD.


It is better to place it safe and just take it with you. If it is in the form of a pill that’s even better, you can just pop it in your pockets and take it with water after your workout.


I used to take protein powder before but recently I read about a supplement from: This is supposed to be a substitute for dianabol, and its not a powder but a pill so even better!






Care and Maintenance of your Bluetooth Headset


For those who head to the gym to workout regularly, using a bluetooth headset will allow you to enjoy music without having to worry about the wires. Proper care and maintenance of your headset will prevent germs and dirt from building up and causing illness for you and also damage to your earpiece. The gym can be a germ filled place so keep your immune system boosted with a product like Pectasol-C which is a great modified citrus pectin to include in your diet each day. Not only does it boost the immune system, it helps prevent different illnesses and ailments. So, you have to consider proper maintenance and care for your Bluetooth headset, as well as proper maintenance and care for your body, by including this vitamin C immune booster as a part of your diet.

In terms of caring for your headset, there are a few simple things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t damage them, destroy the ear piece, or otherwise cause them to malfunction over time. One simple tip to properly maintain your headset for an extended period of time is to ensure you keep them dry. Moisture of any kind, water, or other precipitation can damage the earbuds, damage internal configurations, and can ruin a great pair of headsets. So, make sure after each use you dry them of sweat, water, or other moisture, and that you keep them stored in a cool dry place.

The same goes with dirt, debris, or other dirt around the home. When you are storing your headset when it is not in use, it should be in a moderate temperature area, and it should be in a clean, well secured place. Dust or dirt that gets into the earpiece or any area of the headset can lead to damage. It can damage internal configurations, hearing pieces, or other electronic components of the Bluetooth piece which you own and use to workout.

Dropping, kicking, shaking or otherwise mishandling your headset can also result in damage. Although you use them at a quick pace while working out, you are securing the headset to your ears, and not throwing them about. Make sure they are kept in a safe carrying case, cleaned, and properly stored when not in use. It is also important to keep them in mild climates. Temperatures which are too cold for storing the headset can lead to damaging electronic configurations or internal circuit boards. This will in turn result in damage to the headset, damage to hearing pieces, and will cause you to have to replace your headset prematurely.

These are a few common sense tips when it comes to properly Bluetooth headset care and maintenance. The better you care for your product, the more you clean them, and properly secure them, the longer you are going to have this headset. Due to the fact that it is typically pricier than a pair of wired headphones, you want to take extremely good care of your headset to avoid damage. With these simple to follow, basic tips for care and maintenance, you can easily extend the life of any pair of wireless bluetooth headsets which you own and use regularly.



4 Features that Runners Should Consider when Choosing Bluetooth Earbuds

The latest advances in bluetooth technology are making it easier for runners everywhere to enjoy their morning jog.

No more fighting with tangled and frayed cords. You won’t accidentally rip your earbuds out of your ears when your hand gets caught in the cord. Or worse fling your device out onto the pavement!

You can just fire up your favorite playlist and get into the zone!

So what are the features you should consider when choosing a set of bluetooth earbuds?

1. Fit

Its very important for your earbuds to be comfortable but this is even more important for runners. Look for a design that will stay securely in place even as you bounce up and down. Also look for anti-slip materials and features that will keep your buds in place when you start to sweat.

2. Durability

Grab a set that is especially made for active wear and outdoor conditions. Materials that can withstand getting wet and also changes in temperature. Sweat resistant materials and something that can be cleaned is important as well.

3. Battery life

Headsets will come with a specific playtime rating and typically the longer playtime offered, the more expensive the set. You do need to consider your budget but also consider the convenience of having your earbuds ready to go whenever you are. Charging your buds constantly can be a real hassle and they aren’t much good to you if they are constantly plugged in.

4. Sound quality

You get what you pay for in this category. Go for what you can afford but keep in mind that you will get more enjoyment out of a set that isn’t crackling and cutting out constantly. After all, if you are using these everyday then paying a little more will likely be worthwhile.

Now that you have the perfect headset, grab your XPI myotein protein shake and get running!



5 Things You Need to Bring on Your Next Trip

Classy carry on bags

Flying off to a vacation destination, whether to a sunny beach or cultural destination in Europe, is always exciting and a great time to kick back and relax. Your trip planning should start with what to bring on the plane with you to enjoy getting there as much as you will enjoy being there.

The right carry on bag

With all the hassle of getting through the airport security lineup these days you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself by having the right bag. At a minimum your bag needs to meet the requirement of your airline so MAKE SURE it does. Manufacturers often label bags as carry on size that are in fact too big to meet the gauge. Look at your airline’s website and get the dimensions to prevent an unnecessary checked baggage fee. Next consider weight, compartment organization and material.

A tablet such as an iPad

Nothing wrecks a flight more than not being able to see the movie or not wanting to watch the PG offering and sitting there bored out of your mind. Bringing your own movies, games and music on your tablet ensures you will have entertainment for the duration of the flight. Don’t forget to charge up your device right before you leave.

A high quality bluetooth headset

This goes hand in hand with your tablet. Some comfortable sound cancelling bluetooth earphones can greatly improve your flying experience. They will ensure that you hear your movie or music over that screaming toddler in the next row. Headsets are also more comfortable than earbuds in most instances and there are plenty of folding styles that will fit easily into your carry on bag.

A water bottle

Staying hydrated on the plane is a major challenge but will really increase your enjoyment of flying. That nagging headache you often get while flying is probably caused by the dry air and lack of proper hydration. Since in flight service consists of a dixie cup full of water every couple hours or less, having your own supply is critical. Its a major cost savings too compared to buying water at the airport convenience store. Just take your empty water bottle through security and then fill it up while you wait to board.


Just like having your own water, having your own food will make you feel more at home and prevent you from gorging on the free ‘salty or sweet’ snack being offered. In-flight menu selections are usually not as appealing as the picture on the menu and also incredibly expensive. You can easily pack a selection of cut vegetables, hummus or other dip, crackers, sandwiches, granola bars or fruit that will keep you well fed while you fly. Just don’t pack any liquids in your snack bag.

Try out these tips for your next flight and you will arrive relaxed and well fed to get through the crazy arrivals procedure at your destination. Enjoy your vacation!


Why do you need a bluetooth headset?

Voyager edge

The main benefit is that the headset will allow you the use of both hands.  This is extremely useful when driving or working around the house as you can focus on the task at hand.

It also allows you to go cordless. Headphone and earbud cords are a huge hassle and are constantly getting tangled and caught on things. Plus you have to keep your device within a cords reach which isn’t always convenient.

With today’s busy schedules and seemingly endless commutes a bluetooth headset allows you to communicate while driving.  This is extremely useful when talking to co-workers, clients, friends or family.

Distracted driving laws and the ever increasing number of car accidents caused by not paying attention to the road it is imperative that everyone who wants to communicate while driving a car owns a bluetooth headset.

Which Bluetooth headset is the best?

After many hours of reading reviews and customer comments it is my recommendation that the Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset is the best headset currently on the market.  This headset will work with any smartphone that has bluetooth capability and eliminates background noise really well allowing you to have a crisp clear conversation.

The headset announces the incoming callers name and the hands free feature allows you to answer or ignore calls just by saying “answer” or “ignore” into your head set. You don’t even have to look at your phone.

The battery life on this headset is decent and the rechargeable charging case tops up headset battery, adding up to 10 hours of talk time.

About Plantronics

Plantronics was started by two pilots who invented a new kid of aviation headset while working out of a garage.  Plantronics has pioneered the lightweight headset, mobile headset, noise cancelling technology and the personal speaker phone so these guys really know what they are doing..

Adding this bluetooth headset along with your morning coffee and breakfast protein shake to your daily routine will help make your commute a little less stressful.




Top 5 things that will help you make it through your busy day

Spotry lady holding a water bottle, hydrating during outdoor activities.

We are all so busy these days and it seems like there is never enough time to get everything done. Our schedules are hectic and there’s a never ending list of things that need to happen everyday.

In order to keep on track and reduce the stress of a busy lifestyle it’s really important to take all the help you can get and keep yourself healthy.

Here are five great tips for using technology to keep you organized and for keeping yourself ready to go.

Your smartphone is much more than just a phone.

It allows you to stay in touch with your social media, find restaurants and events near by, gives you directions, stores your music, do your banking and can even teach you a new language. Make sure you take advantage of the calendar and reminder features so you don’t miss appointments and meetings.

Get a bluetooth headset.

This device when linked to your phone will allow you to multi-task while talking on the phone. This is especially handy when working around the house or driving in your car. You can listen to music or podcasts and not miss any important calls, all without the hassle of cords getting tangled and caught.

Start with a protein shake for breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and its so easy to run out the door with a shaker cup in hand to drink on the go. This will give you all the nutrition and energy needed to get your day off on the right track. My personal favorite is ISO100 Dymatize, its pure protein.

Wear a step counting device.

A Fitbit or Garmin Vivofit will keep you on track for your daily physical activity requirements. You can set your daily goal and the device will alert you when you reach certain increments. They even alert you when you haven’t moved in a while! These devices have alarms and reminders so you won’t sleep in and miss that morning meeting or can remind you throughout the day. The best part is it’s very discreet and only you will know that it’s vibrating, unlike cell phones that alert everyone in the vicinity.

Carry a water bottle.

I bring mine with me everywhere I go. This may seem a little weird but in order to stay properly hydrated an adult is supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day and if you are on the go that can be a real challenge. Staying hydrated keeps your energy level up and keeps your mind alert whether at work or working out.

Follow these tips and you will make the most of everyday!